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Are you building a new digital product?

You might wonder what the best approach is or which technology to use. What will it cost? Which revenue can you expect? How can you make sure you are building the right thing? And how to test it early without slowing down the development process?

I help you to answer all these questions and discover, design, and deliver the digital product you need. I help you identify opportunities, design the solutions, and of course lead the team to full delivery.

My goal is to give you have peace of mind so that you can trust that product development is in good hands. I get the job done. 100% professional. 100% accountable. But don't just take my word for it...

Here is what my clients say

Product Manager

at Renewable Energy startup

Felix delivers what he promises! Working with him is easy as he communicated very transparently, showed clear ownership, and I could always 100% rely on him.

Director in Group Technology

At Deutsche bank

Felix set the bar high for anyone doing similar projects in the future. He is one of the most creative and visionary people I have met in Deutsche Bank. I wish him all the best and I am sure that he will bring great value to any project he decides to take on in the future.

Lead UX/UI Designer

at Renewable Energy startup

You want Felix on your product team! I experienced him as a very knowledgeable and confident product leader. He is not shy to take decisions and communicate them to all stakeholders

Product Manager

At Cloudmade

I really enjoyed working with him and he helped me get better at my job, mentoring me in my growth as a Product Manager. I particularly liked the strategic perspective he brought to everyday decisions and creative inspiration. Would love to work with him again!

Senior Innovation Manager

At Deutsche Bank

Felix is a superb manager, tactician, and strategist, who keeps his eye on the ball, understands how to win over stakeholders, and has a keen sense of the most important and valuable innovation that’s in the air.

Product Manager

at Renewable Energy startup

His seniority, stakeholder and management skills were valuable to us as a startup. A committed leader, very competent agile product owner, Felix supported our remote team and helped me advance my own product skills. Also his experience was key in delivering a completely new app from scratch in just 3 months.

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