Hi, I'm Felix. I build digital products and teams.

Are you building a new digital product or want to overhaul an existing one? Do you need competent and reliable help?

Building on my extensive experience as a Product Manager and Innovation Consultant, I help you discover, design, and deliver your product, giving you peace of mind and space to focus on your priorities.

Felix Reiners

Are you building a new digital product?

You might wonder what the best approach is or which technology to use. What will it cost? Which revenue can you expect? How can you make sure you are building the right thing? And how to test it early without slowing down the development process?

I help you to answer all these questions and discover, design, and deliver the digital product you need. I help you identify opportunities, design the solutions, and of course lead the team to full delivery.

My goal is to give you have peace of mind so that you can trust that product development is in good hands. I get the job done. 100% professional. 100% accountable. But don't just take my word for it...

Some People I had the pleasure working with in the past

You find all these LinkedIn as well!

"Felix delivers what he promises! Felix supported us in building a new App with Flutter up to go-live for our customers. He scoped the product, assembled and led the team throughout the whole process. [...] Working with him is easy as he communicated very transparently, showed clear ownership, and I could always 100% rely on him. What he promised, he delivered.

Johannes Gloßner

VP Product & Technology, Enpal

"As a developer, Felix has opened my eyes to what great product management can look like. He got a deep understanding of the company's business model and processes in record time and was able to clearly communicate all business needs to the developers."

Anna Melzer

Frontend Dev, Mister Spex

"I really enjoyed working with him and he helped me get better at my job, mentoring me in my growth as a Product Manager. I particularly liked the strategic perspective he brought to everyday decisions and creative inspiration. Would love to work with him again!"
Ein Portrait Foto von Valerie

Valeriia Kuzmina

Product Manager, CloudMade

"Truly dedicated to his job with a big talent to deliver great new products while focusing on efficiency and quality, Felix is not only a real benefit for every product team. He shares his experience, listens empathically to concerns, ideas and feedback and gives his environment the feeling of security."

Lisa Gier

Interim Project Manager, mylo

"His seniority, stakeholder and management skills were valuable to us as a startup. A committed leader, very competent agile product owner, Felix supported our remote team and helped me advance my own product skills. Also his experience was key in delivering a completely new app from scratch in just 3 months."

Hanna Correll

Product Manager, Enpal

"Felix is able to dissect complex problems, manage stakeholder expectations and drive topics forward with great efficiency and quality. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to identify points of friction and inefficiencies in processes and then solve them. He joined us midway through a very complex and hectic roll out but was able to hit the ground running and get us working way more effectively and efficiently than we were doing so before."

Atif Sajjad

Frontend Engineer, Mister Spex

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