A machine learning startup in the mobility space with strong proprietary inference engines needed a Product Manager to steer product development in the right direction. I created a product vision and roadmap and brought the team together to a common goal. Within a few months we came from frustration and a half-baked prototype to a happy team and a production-ready smart data SDK that we piloted with a large French automotive OEM.

The situation

The Company

This startup had strong machine learning capabilities and had been doing successful projects with automotive OEMs for a while. They wished to productise their technology to build a more scalable business than just project-based work alone. The whole company was about 100 people at the time with machine learning engineers and developers together being the largest group.

The Team

The team was unhappy. We lost 2 good people within the first weeks that I arrived

Managerial interference

no coherent vision, demo app was supposed to develop into whitelabel product

The Product

What did we do?

I protected my teams from managerial interference.

I analysed what was there.

I created a vision, and roadmap

In parallel colleagues of mine started implementing the SAFe scaled agile framework.

The result

The team came together and turnover

We had a clear path forward,

We won the first client for our smart data app SDK.

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